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Current Actions/Suspensions

NYS Rugby Policy on Minimum Suspensions is derived from the USA Rugby Disciplinary Guidelines

NYS Rugby Disciplinary Procedures


1. The Committee will consist of 3 members, who will be appointed by the NYSRC President; one member will be appointed Chairman by the President.

2. The Committee will act in a timely manner on all discipline reports it receives. The type of discipline reports include, but are not limited to, foul play, player ordered off, referee abuse, tournament improprieties (see Policy 11.5), not honoring confirmed games, playing non-conference/union member clubs/colleges, ineligible players, and alcohol-related offenses (see Policy 4.)

3. The disciplinary process is between a cited player and the disciplinary committee. A cited players team must forward any communication sent by the Disciplinary Committee to the cited player within 24 hours of receipt with a cc to the Disciplinary Committee.

4. In all discipline cases, the cited player may present a statement to the Discipline Committee before adjudication. As per USARFU policy, failure to submit a statement during the adjudication process forfeits any right to appeal a decision reached by the Disciplinary Committee

5. A cited player may appoint someone to speak for them, however in all cases the cited player him/herself must respond to the Disciplinary Committee acknowledging the pending action. A cited player may appoint a spokesperson to speak on his/her behalf by submitting an e-mail to the Chairman, or his/her designee, identifying the name and relationship of cited player’s spokesperson. Representation is limited to the case immediately before the Disciplinary Committee. The authority to represent a player ends with a decision in the matter for which representation was assigned. If a cited player appoints a spokesperson, the cited player is responsible for any statement made by that person.

6. A player ordered off by the referee or cited by a neutral observer (NYSRC board member or referee spectator) remains suspended until the completion of the adjudication process unless specifically notified to the contrary by the Discipline Committee.


In the event that a referee must order off a player, the following disciplinary steps must be taken:

1. At the time of the dismissal, the referee must note the name of the player, CIPP number and the pertinent information related to the circumstances of the ordering off.

2. A player ordered off may not play again that same day.

3. The referee will e-mail his report to the Chairman within 24 hours from the time of the ordering off.

4. Upon receipt of the referee report, the Chairman will take the necessary steps to complete the Discipline procedure:

a. The minimum penalty for being ordered off is suspension of play for ten days or one game, whichever is longer, unless the player was ordered off for a technical offence such as being the player cited for the last of a series of team infringements. The severity of the penalty will be determined by the individual case and will be within guidelines of the USARFU and NRU.

Every effort will be made by the Disciplinary Committee to complete the adjudication process and e -email the decision to the cited player within one week of citing. In more serious cases and/or when video evidence is a portion of the adjudication process additional time may be needed to ensure a fair and just determination is rendered by the Disciplinary Committee. A copy of the disposition will also be e-mailed to each Discipline Committee Member, the Referee Society Chairman, the NYSRC President, the appropriate Vice President, and the Executive Director.

c. Individuals offering video evidence must submit a complete recording of the entire match; video snippets of the event in question, or edited video, will not be accepted.

5. Each Disciplinary Committee Member will keep a record of all clerical and telephone expenses and will submit them to the Conference Treasurer for reimbursement.


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